Our works

Reconstruction and construction of residential buildings

Address: Kuģu Street 15

The customer is SIA KUĢINIEKS, design institution - SIA Sarma & Norde Architects, a project called “’Rezidences Kuģinieks” is planned in this place.

Built in 1889, the building has received a new breath by architect Reinhold George Schmeling, where the historic building is harmoniously combined with a modern new building.

Facade restoration work was carried out by SIA Hisdroterm Latvia. Work was done in 2018

Works on the restoration of brick walls:

1. Brick masonry reseaming with lime mortar Caparol Mitau Putz
2. Reconstruction and restoration of profiled tile and plastic decor with lime based mortar.
3. Loss of brick and concrete tiles prosthetics Histolith Restauriermörte
4. Tinting repaired brick areas with Histolith Voltonfarbe Natural Pigments
5. Silicate paint for concrete tile and cornices with Sylitol-Finish

Ernests Vigners Music School of Kuldiga

Address: Smilšu 6, Kuldiga, Kuldiga City, LV-3301

Performed works:
Restoration of historic brick facade.
Interior finishing works.

Work period: 01.06.2016-15.02.2017.

Riga 1st Hospital Administrative building

Address: Bruņinieku Street 5, k-2, Riga

Works by our masters:
Historic brick facade cleaning with a gentle method and restoration of masonry.
Reconstruction of tiles, strengthening of frontones.
Historic wall restoration and decorative paint reconstruction.

Work period: June 2016 to October 2016

Rīga Stradiņš University Anatomy Building

Address: Kronvalda Boulevard 9, Riga

Performed works:
Cleaning of the historic brick facade with a gentle method and masonry restoration at the entrance node.
Restoration of ceramic decorations.

Work period: October 2016 to March 2017

Riga 1st Hospital fence

Address: Bruņinieku Street 5, Riga

Performed works:
Cleaning of the historical brick fence by a gentle method
Gentle dismantling and reassembly of stakes after fixing the foundation
Restoration of masonry
Reconstruction of joints
Tile reconstruction

Work period: October 2016 to May 2017

Liepāja Music School

Address: Ausekļa Street 11/15, Liepaja

Performed works:
Historic facade restoration
Plaster restoration and reconstruction
Restoration and reconstruction of profiled cornices

Work period: October 2017 to December 2017

Liepaja State 1st Gymnasium

Address: 9 Ausekļa Street, Liepaja, LV-3401

Works performed in 2017

Works for facade restoration:
Brick wall cleaning with gentle methods
Dismantling of non-original cement seams
Bricklaying of unstable masonry sites
Partially damaged brick prosthesis and repaired area retouching
Masonry with lime mortar according to historical seams
Reconstruction and restoration of profiled cornices
Reconstruction of restored parts and restoration with lime base mortar analogous to historical plaster

Reconstruction of Sigulda Castle Complex

Address: Sigulda, City of Sigulda, LV-2150

Renovation of the facade of the castle complex

Spring 2018

Stone masonry and sandstone gates:
Dismantling and restoration of unstable masonry joints with lime mortar
Reconstruction of sandstone loss with sandstone prosthesis